We are not a typical platform

Outalent is not the typical freelancers platform where clients look for freelancers and hire them directly. We are a team.

Grow professionally

By entering Outalent you will get access to freelance and remote jobs constantly and you can dedicate yourself to continue developing your talent and passion.


Outalent customers come with projects of all types and trust that our remote teams can solve them, with the highest quality and in time.

Commitment and Culture

For us it is paramount both the professionalism, commitment and drive of our teams as well as the good humor and the desire to have fun while solving the projects and the tasks of clients from all over the world.

How do we work?

In Teams

The team for each project consists of one or more Project Managers and one or more specialists depending on the size of the project, all working remotely.


We all work on the same internal platform where we develop the projects. We are the virtual workplace where you will continue to develop your career.


Our freelancers collaborate on all projects to ensure that all the knowledge that exists within Outalent is demonstrated in the final product delivered to the client.


A Project Manager not only set up the teams and directs them but also makes people comprised in them better at what they do by providing constant feedback and support.

Team players

Outalent’s Project Managers encourage team collaboration and constant exchange of ideas. All opinions count.


Our Project Managers are always attentive to the needs of the clients and make their best effort to give them an excellent experience. They manage the projects with professionalism and commitment, always available and focused on generating long-term relationships with the clients with whom they work.

Project Managers

At Outalent we are looking for Project Managers that work remotely and in a freelance manner to manage the different projects that our clients request. We are particularly interested in profiles with experience in remote project management and which are experts in at least one of the areas we offer. If you have experience directing all types of projects and work teams please let us know and we will contact you if your profile fits with what we need.


We are looking for experts who want to be part of our community and work remotely and in freelance mode for different projects. By joining Outalent you are part of a team and not an isolated freelancer inside a platform. Therefore, in addition to seeking top-tier experts, we look for team players and good mood contributors, drive to overachieve and commitment. In addition, for Outalent to be the globally preferred company to work for, it is critical that you be someone who offers suggestions and new ideas constantly.

If you think you are that kind of person, apply immediately! 🙂


Our experts commit 100% to the projects and do whatever it takes to exceed the expectations of the clients.

Team Players

Outalent expert Freelancers are team players: they encourage collaboration among all members and constant exchange of ideas.


Outalent Freelancers are professional and responsible. They know that project success strongly depends on the contribution of every member.

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