5 tasks that your business needs to outsource to hit the ground running

Getting a startup off the ground is no easy feat, but with the rise of the freelance economy, we have seen it achieved in as little as 6 weeks.

Here are 5 things your startup should outsource to hit the ground running.

– Logo Design
Your logo is the first visual representation anyone will see of your company, and also likely to be one of few things that stays consistent across the years. From the choice of colour to the style of font, it helps to build your brand identity – just think about the Nike tick, Apple’s apple or Twitter’s little blue bird.
It’s important to choose wisely. So, while you are focusing on what the logo represents, make sure you hire an expert designer to help bring your ideas to life. This doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be good.

– Website Development e.g. WordPress, e-commerce websites etc
Last year, we helped to build over 13,000 websites and design 5,000 sites. So, if HTML seems like a foreign language, you know it makes sense to hand this task over. Working with a freelance developer will not only help to ensure that the functionality is best suited for your service and products, it will also help with back-end maintenance, saving you big bucks on pricey web agencies.
If you are keen to go down the DIY route, with templates and e-commerce platforms, there’s also a time element to consider as – to the dismay of many an entrepreneur – very few websites can be built overnight.

– Website Design
As your biggest marketing tool getting the front-end of your website design right is absolutely crucial. It should be inviting, like a front store display window that draws customers in. A quick A/B tests shows that anything from the colour scheme, amount of white space and the copy on your homepage can affect the level of engagement and conversions.
Working with a good freelance designer can help to bring clarity to an area that you may not know much about. This could be the beginning of a long-term relationship, as your design is bound to change as your business grows and you learn more about your customers.

– Blog & Article Writing
With 9 in 10 organizations marketing through content, inbound marketing has become one of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads for your business. Where possible, it’s always great to give a personal touch to the information that you put out.
However, in reality, it’s very time consuming for the busy entrepreneur, and when you don’t have time to do things, they eventually get neglected. In 2014, not being part of the conversation is the same as simply not existing. Our freelancers write an average of 2 blogs per week, per business owner.

– Illustration & Graphics Design
These days an image is just as important as the headline or caption that accompanies it. Eye-catching images are required to optimise your social engagement levels, the likes on a Facebook update, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and your blogs, as they help to tell your story online. If you’re tempted to take an image you’ve seen elsewhere online, make sure that you’re fully versed on Copyright Fair Use for online images

Which of these tasks do you plan on outsourcing?

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